Our organisation is a consortium of 4 (four) firms: JEM & Associates, JEM Capital Consults, JEM Overseas and JEM Capital Microfinance MPCS Ltd Head office in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Our core competence is in providing all round and effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Management Consultancy services and Loan brokerage service to our clients and customers.

Business Process Management is an arte we have mastered well. Our financial model believes that every business needs just 3 (Three) things to succeed:
1) Finance
2) Staff
3) Market.
As such our organisation is built on the foundation that partnering with us will help you achieve all 3 (Three).

JEM Capital Consults is a firm in the consortium which provides recruitment services for virtually all types of office workers. We conduct background checks and advise you as appropriate. Even though JEM Capital Consults duty is to introduce you to the candidates, you can be sure that each applicant has been tested appropriately.

JEM & Associates is our Financial Advisory and Loan brokerage firm that has successfully brokered loans for numerous clients applying for long and short term credits from The Bank of Industry, CBN SME Funds and commercial banks. Our duty is to guide you in the process, provide documentary credit services and brokerage advisory to guarantee you getting your loan.

Our JEM overseas subsidiary concentrates on students ,business men and women seeking to work or study abroad. JEM Overseas has an MOU with GM INTERNATIONAL PLC in UKRAINE a huge multinational consultancy firm specialising in overseas travel, work study and scholarships.

JEM Capital Microfinance MPCS Ltd is our microfinance arm. It is a financial co-operative with well over 2,000 (Two Thousand ) Members and provides savings and loans services to her members only.

Our JEM Business Process Club is the number one business process management club in the country, providing FREE business process services to her members any where in the world. It was created to assist unemployed youths and workers seeking to earn extra income.

Which ever part of our consortium you choose to partner with, we will be happy to contribute our expertise to your business.